Cybersecurity: What It Costs and How Much You Should Spend

Every company has budget limitations. How should you spend the first dollar towards protection, and how should you prioritize the money you are able to spend on cybersecurity? What are the most important investments within the limits of your budget? Ben Barnes, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for McLeod Software will offer guidance on the appropriate levels of spending for your cybersecurity.

Supply Chain Security Solutions and Emerging Mobile Technologies

Supply chain asset/cargo physical locking systems can be combined with GPS tracking, alarms, cameras, electronic keys/locks, a “Secure Shipment Management Mobile Application” and more. The application allows mobile devices to digitize Bills of Lading, Proof of Delivery, seal integrity logging, container inspections and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports. Supports CTPAT inspections, secure truck parking operations and trailer swap condition verification. Enables identification of tampering or fraudulent delivery/pick up activities and includes CA WAIRE reporting requirements.

Keeping your Business and the Industry Secure with a Collaborative and Layered Approach

In an ever-changing industry, how do you protect what matters most? With threatening theft trends and what seems to be perpetual disruptions in the supply chain, the proactive security measures you take today can protect your longevity tomorrow. So, where do you start? To keep your business and overall industry secure, there must be synergy in security.