According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, drivers and warehouse workers have some of the highest injury rates of all jobs, driven primarily by muscle sprains and strains or musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).  Lost time injuries are especially concerning when attracting and retaining employees to maintain capacity is a constant battle for most fleets.

To reduce injuries, employers often focus on changing the way work is done.  While effective, this approach can be costly and difficult to do.  Another approach, focused on changing the way employers provide care to employees who have muscle discomfort, can be quicker and simpler.

This alternative approach avoids the long-standing tactic of sending employees to Urgent Care Clinics or Emergency Rooms, where this often leads to a reportable injury and a lost time event.  Instead, employees can be seen by an athletic trainer or physical therapist for an assessment, and if appropriate, be provided OHSA approved first aid care such as heat, ice, stretching, soft splints, and massage.  Typically, first aid works 90-95% of the time and the key outcome is employees stay on the job.

In addition to employees staying on the job, benefits such as employee satisfaction and overall health and wellness are products of this type of Early Intervention or Industrial Athlete service.

Providers of industrial athlete programs have specific understanding of the work environment and physical job demands to help address root causes of symptoms. This understanding fosters effective and positive connections with employees, as well as interventions that matter.

This presentation will touch briefly on:

  • MDS risk facing transportation and warehouse employers.
  • Benefits of onsite and at-clinic Early Intervention Programs
  • Ergonomic and wellness solutions to keep drivers on the road and warehouse employees on the job.


Renee Anderson
Renee Anderson, PT, DPT
Account Manager, Atlas Injury Prevention Solutions

Renee received her Masters of Physical Therapy degree from Grand Valley State University and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from Arcadia University.  She has clinical background in outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation and over 17 years of experience in industrial rehabilitation providin