With truck drivers playing such an essential role to the U.S. economy, the need to recruit and retain members of this workforce continues to be a top priority for most trucking organizations. Each year, companies are being challenged with developing programs to attract new drivers and employing coaching tools that can help develop careers and retain current team members. Hear from a panel of industry experts as they discuss the driver shortage issue, and how the role of technology and coaching can help mitigate today’s challenges and better prepare fleets for the road ahead. In this panel, you will learn about:

  • The current and future impact of the driver shortage issue
  • Predictions on what the driver shortage will look like in the next 5-10 years
  • Challenges that companies face when recruiting drivers under the age of 35
  • Ways to make your company more attractive to new drivers
  • The use of technology and how to “modernize” a trucking career
  • Effective coaching techniques and safety programs that can increase driver retention



Jeff Martin
Jeff Martin
Vice President of Global Sales Strategy, Lytx

Jeff Martin joined the Lytx team in August 2022 as an executive specializing in the transportation, distribution, and field services sectors. Jeff has decades of operational experience in architecting, directing, and continuously improving safety programs.

Jason Wing
Jason Wing
VP of Safety & Transportation Operations, Red Classic

Jason Wing currently serves as Vice President of Safety and Transportation Operations at Red Classic, a wholly owned subsidiary of Coca-Cola Consolidated.

Joanna Cornell
Joanna Cornell
Global Health and Safety Director of Global Fleet Safety, UPS

Joanna Cornell is a Global Fleet Safety Director at UPS with 15 years’ experience in Health and Safety. She is passionate about safety and believes with training and coaching all employees will improve their own personal safety and increase their hazard awareness.