Darick Underwood
Director of Safety, Carter Express

With humble beginnings as a student driver at C1 in Indianapolis, IN; Darick has risen through the ranks as a skilled professional driver, to a driver trainer himself, to an Orientation and Training Coordinator, to an Assistant Director of Safety to his current role as the Director of Safety for Carter Express.

Darick has been recognized as a driver of the year, accident-free accolades and a Safety Professional of the year for the IMTA. Darick has been in the trucking industry for over 20 years and in the safety arena since 2013, Darick is also the current Chair of the IMTA (Safety and Maintenance Council).

Darick is proud to say that he still gets behind the wheel of a truck from time to time in order to keep his skills fresh and to stay in tune with his driving fleet. One of Darick’s main goals and top concerns is getting his drivers home safely each day and to help ensure the safety of all traveling motorist on our nation's highways and bi-ways.

Darick’s hobbies in his free time include carpentry, model railroading, studying history and Bible prophecy.