Jeffrey Reeves
General Manager and Certified Director of Safety, Fortune Transportation

Jeff Reeves, General Manager and Certified Director of Safety with Fortune Transportation for 6 years and has 30 years of transportation industry experience. During his time with Fortune, they have won the ATA’s President’s trophy twice and has receive many other national safety awards including ATA’s Fleet Safety Division 3 winner for 2021, TCA’s Fleet Safety Division 3 Winner in 2021 and other.

Jeff currently serves as a member of American Trucking Association’s (ATA)Safety Management Council (SMC), SMC’s Awards and Recognition Committee, SMC’s Regulations Committee, a member of the Minnesota Trucking Association’s (MTA) Safety Council Leadership, MTA’s Experience Trucking Committee, Southwest Region of the Minnesota Safety Council, a North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI) Certification Reviewer, Instructor, Mentor, and, most recently, became a member of NATMI’s Safety Technical Committee and Certification Committee.

Jeff is also serves his local community on the Board of Directors of the Windom, MN Chamber of Commerce, Riverfest Planning Committee, is a Kiwanis Club member, and a member of the Woodworker’s Guild of America. The success of Fortune’s safety program is in part due to the technology improvements such as video intelligence, collision mitigation systems, Detroit Assurance, and a robust fleet safety and compliance monitoring program through Fortune’s ELD provider. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Arts in Transportation and Logistics Management from the American Military University. Jeff’s proudest career moment was leading Soldiers in the Army Reserves for 13 years and 2 deployments as a Convoy Commander, Platoon Sergeant, and Operations Non-Commissioned Officer while obtaining the rank of Staff Sergeant. Jeff has been married to his wife, Rachel, for 19 glorious years and they have 3 children (Kevin, Melanie, and Wyatt).