Tom Lopez
Managing Director, Corporate Safety, Health, & Fire Prevention, FedEx Express

Thomas E. Lopez is the Managing Director of Corporate Safety Programs at FedEx Express, based in Memphis, Tennessee. Thomas started his career with FedEx in 1984 at the FedEx World Hub as a college student. He rapidly progressed to Operations management in 1986. He has managed Operations in multiple cities including aircraft, sort, and trucking functions throughout the Southern United States. In 2001, Thomas was promoted to Managing Director at the Memphis World Hub. In 2004, Thomas used his operational background to transition into the Human Resources division with oversight of Training Programs for the United States. Five years later, Thomas transitioned into Human Resources for the United States before moving to his current assignment responsible for Safety in 2013.

As Managing Director, his responsibilities include oversight of Corporate Safety for Express domestic operations. This role includes development of policies and programs for employee and vehicle Safety, alcohol and drug free workplace, industrial hygiene, hazardous materials transportation administration, regulatory compliance, pandemic planning, and fire protection. Thomas leads an organization throughout the United States that partners with Operations and other organizations to deliver best in class Safety programs under the motto of “Safety Above All.”

Thomas has received numerous company awards in his 39-year career including the highest employee recognition, the prestigious FedEx Five Star Award six times, including at every level of management.

A native of Kansas City, but lifelong Memphian, Thomas obtained his BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) from the University of Memphis in Accounting and his MBA (Master of Business Administration) from the University of Tennessee.