In this presentation, Doug Marcello will discuss the four periods of any trucking case:

  1. Litigation-aggressive defense with a willingness to go to trial
  2. The “Dark Period” aggressive push back after letter of representation to stop the hemorrhaging of medical billing and lost wages
  3. Accident response—immediate response to the accident
  4. Pre-accident—identifying and curing vulnerabilities that make a company susceptible to the Reptile Theory.


Doug Marcello
Doug Marcello
Chief Legal Officer, BlueWire, Partner, Saxton & Stump

Doug Marcello, Chief Legal Officer of Bluewire, is a trucking defense attorney with a CDL.  He had represented trucking clients across the country, having been specially admitted for cases in 35 states.  Doug received the 2018 Leadership Award of the ATA Safety Council.    He ha