Put the Brakes on Diabetes: The Impact on Driver Wellness, Recruitment, Retention, and Health Care Costs

Join Kay Pfieffer of True Life Care to discuss the prevalence of diabetes in the driver community, risks associated with diabetes for employees, employers and the motor public. Kay will discuss strategies to work with your drivers to mitigate the effect of diabetes, increase driver health while lowering insurance costs & litigation exposure with the goals of improving safety and driver retention rates.


Recruiting and Retaining the Next Generation of Drivers

With truck drivers playing such an essential role to the U.S. economy, the need to recruit and retain members of this workforce continues to be a top priority for most trucking organizations. Each year, companies are being challenged with developing programs to attract new drivers and employing coaching tools that can help develop careers and retain current team members.

Breaking Bad - HR & Compliance Working Together

The phrase HR/Compliance doesn’t usually bring on a warm fuzzy feeling. Often, it's dread or worry. We are not the bad guys. We want to keep our people and organization safe. At Magnum, we have had the epiphany to understand that we need to break down the silos between HR and Compliance to work as a team. We would like to share how we are breaking through negative reputations, past assumptions, and stereotypes to create effective processes for our organization.

Making Your Way Through the Haze: Testing for Marijuana and Other Drugs

Marijuana is legal for recreational use in 21 states and for medical use in more than 35. State marijuana laws are a complex maze of regulations, with some restricting drug testing for non-DOT employees. How do you navigate everything while maintaining safety standards? Should THC be on your testing panel? What about CBD, Delta 8, and Delta 10? These raise concerns as well

How Amazon Leverages Six Sigma to Recruit Talent in Compliance and Transportation

Learn how Connor McIntyre and his team have built their Global Six Sigma system that trains and certifies 6000 Amazonians a year globally in eight languages.  Hear how he leverages Six Sigma & data analytics to deep dive and root cause RSI’s, DVIC and VSA observations as well as test and pilot new technology.  In addition, it is used as a strong recruiting tool for Amazon’s Compliance organization which has a standing bench of talent allowing them to fill open roles in under 30 days and build talent within their corporation.