What, Me Worry! Exploring Negligent Hiring Selection Retention and Training Claims and How to Defend and Prevent Them

This panel would discuss the various legal theses relating to claims that arise in high value catastrophic motor vehicle accident trucking litigation, including the various ways by which plaintiff’s counsel will seek to render motor carriers liable.  The panel would specifically discuss aspects and elements of negligent hiring claims, negligent retention claims, negligent training claims and negligent supervision claims.  The panel would include an update on recent cases, pros and cons on these topics, and a closing component of the session regarding helpful legal/practica

Perspective From the Frontline, Keeping Drivers Tuned Up to Avoid Injury

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, drivers and warehouse workers have some of the highest injury rates of all jobs, driven primarily by muscle sprains and strains or musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).  Lost time injuries are especially concerning when attracting and retaining employees to maintain capacity is a constant battle for most fleets.

The People Business

As managers in trucking, we are in The People Business, by taking care of the people in the organization, managers are likely to have a positive and engaged workforce, leading to increase job satisfaction, improved performance and a stronger commitment to the success of the operation. In this session, discuss how if you take care of your people, they'll take care of the trucking. 

Oral Fluid Testing: What You Should Know

Join Dr. Trang Nguyen and Dr. Dave Randolph of MedicsRx in a presentation that will review the analytical methods, interpretation of results, collection methods, cutoff values of different agencies, and correlations between oral fluid and urine testing.

After this session, participants will: