Driving into the Future: Navigating Safety Compliance in Autonomous Trucks, Electric Vehicles and Beyond

An engaging fireside chat where regulatory experts gather to discuss the exciting challenges and advancements in safety compliance within the realm of autonomous driving, electric vehicles, and other futuristic technologies in the world of trucking. Discover the latest innovations, explore the evolving regulatory landscape, and gain valuable insights into how safety measures are shaping the future of transportation. Don't miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of the trucking revolution and ensure a secure and sustainable future on the roads.

Improve Inspector Relationships. Improve Truck Inspection Results.

Roadside inspections are a necessary part of trucking.  Sooner or later every truck is pulled in for an inspection.  Proactively communicating with enforcement can benefit your fleet.  In most cases officers will make a genuine effort to educate and work with carriers to improve highway safety.  Steve Vaughn, the head of field operations for PrePass Safety Alliance and a former chief of enforcement for the California Highway Patrol, will explain how and why former a better relationship with law enforcement can help you not only improve your truck fleet’s

Warehouse NEP Enforcement – Updates and Tips for Compliance

Warehouses, typically cleaner and quieter than a manufacturing facility, can nevertheless pose a series of hazards, many of which are not readily apparent to the naked eye. Employers in the warehouse and storage industry includes facilities focused on general merchandise, refrigerated goods, and other products, as well as establishments providing transportation and logistical services relating to goods distribution.

Life After the Speed Limiter – Driving Further Reductions in Speed Related Crashes

Fleets have long sought to reduce vehicle speed to help prevent crashes and to reduce crash severity. Speed limiters represent the first level of intervention and have been commonly used for several decades. However, speed limiters only limit top speed (e.g., 65 mph) and do little or nothing to prevent speed crashes in areas with lower speed limits (e.g., school zones). Hence, fleets are exploring additional solutions to drive further reductions in claims costs. 

The Modern Safety Playbook – Using Technology to Transform a Safety Program

The tools in the safety toolbox have changed dramatically over the past 10+ years. As fleets continue to explore and implement new technologies, the role of a safety professional and the skill sets required have also changed dramatically. This session will cover a variety of technologies, approaches, and best practices to improve your fleet's safety performance.

Death by Dogma

Routine tasks. Everybody does them. Yet in today’s world of trucking litigation, doing them or how you do them can be a potential detonator.

In this session, participants will: