Minimizing Exposure Through Proper Driver Qualification

In this engaging session, transportation attorneys Brandon Wiseman and Jerad Childress will walk through some of the most prevalent driver qualification pitfalls and offer practical tips for avoiding them. Along the way, they’ll provide war stories from their own legal practices and representation of some of the nation’s largest fleets over the past decade.


Data Privacy and Video-Based Safety

Video-based safety technology in fleets has become increasingly common, but there is still a pretty big sticking point to wide-spread adoption in the industry: drivers who are worried about privacy. Join us for a panel discussion where industry experts will demystify video-based safety technology and its privacy protective features, discuss best practices that ensure fleets maximize safety benefits while still addressing driver concerns, and examine the future privacy trends in ADAS technology.

Impactful Learning & Training to Succeed

Learn more about emerging trends and best practices in driver training and coaching, including strategies for conducting effective hands on and virtual training to achieve desired outcomes.  The session will feature experts who deliver training and education using new and emerging techniques from micro-learning and e-learning to hands-on one-on-one coaching. We will discuss everything from effectively educating drivers on personal finances to successful coaching technology programs.

Modernizing Policies to Address Technology and Unsafe Driving

In an industry where the latest technology is now expected to be on equipment - how do you ensure you have proper policies in place to address unsafe driving behavior among your driving fleet? How do you ensure the tech is working correctly? During this session, Misti Olszewski will discuss how to add safety technology to equipment, ways to monitor it’s working properly and techniques to ensure drives understand unsafe behavior.